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Flint and Tinder:
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April 2012

Did you know that 99% of the men's underwear sold in America comes from, well, places like China, Indonesia and Thailand? Flint and Tinder launched on Kickstarter with a pledge to change that, build a better product than you're used to and help revive the American cut and sew industry.

May 2012

5,578 people supported us in attempting to bring back high quality garment manufacturing by pre-purchasing $291,499 worth of underwear. Flint and Tinder becomes the best funded fashion Kickstarter to date. We could not be more appreciative.

Oct 2012

Flint and Tinder launches FlintAndTinderUSA.com website. Zappos' Tony Hsieh and Fred Mossler sign on as advisors. Esquire names Flint and Tinder one of the 10 Best New Online Men's Shopping Sites. Pretty cool, right?

Mar 2013

Flint and Tinder launches the 10-Year Hoodie, a premium sweatshirt designed for life, guaranteed for a decade and backed with FREE mending... Kickstarter's first ever fashion project to raise more than $1 million dollars from 9,226 backers pre-buying more than 11,000 hoodies.

Nov 2013

Flint and Tinder fires up The Bluelace Project... an attempt to give American manufacturing it's own yellow ribbon with the help of a lace unlike any other, manufactured by one of the just two domestic shoelace manufacturers still standing. 11,749 people lend a hand. Interested in joining them?Click Here Now

- Meet the Team -

There's a Couple of Things We Like To Say Here at
Flint and Tinder...

Fast Fashion is Anything But Cheap

It's the understanding that, just because something doesn't cost a lot at the register (often because it's poorly made in a third world country), doesn't mean there's not a price to pay.

Small Batches. Big Ideas.

We're a small company, attempting something big... but we're not committed to doing it the way others have before us. Not by a long shot.

We Will Not Let You Down

It means we're dedicated to trying harder than any retailer you've met before.

...But None Is As Important As

Life is too short. There's too much exploring to be had. Take this journey with us. You'll be happy you did. We all will.