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10-Year Hoodie


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So are you ready to make a 10-Year commitment? Because we sure are. We won't let you down!

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So are you ready to make a 10-Year commitment? Because we sure are. We won't let you down!


    1. A Super Premium, unisex sweatshirt made with only the finest of materials. It'll grow with you the way your favorite sweatshirt should—getting softer with wear, and stacking up stories along the way.
    2. Built for life, guaranteed to last at least a decade and backed with FREE mending! Every stitch tells a story. Put your hoodie through its paces and it'll actually get better, more interesting, and more unique over a lifetime of wear.
    3. A battle cry: Not everything should be disposable.Companies have systematically lowered your expectations to the point where it's hard to know what to expect anymore. But while they're busy off-shoring, out-sourcing and generally making things as cheaply and quickly as possible. It ends here.
    4. 100% Made in America. The tags, the labels, even the fabric (all the way down the yarn and the cotton it's made from) are domestically produced.
    5. Sold direct.We cut out the middleman to keep prices far, far lower than retail.
    6. A record setting Kickstarter project. Flint and Tinder turned to Kickstarter to pre-sell enough hoodies to get the production lines moving. We weren't sure how the world would react, but a month and a $1,000,000 worth of sweatshirts later, the verdict was in!


  • 80% Cotton; 20% Polyester
  • 3-end knit
  • Reinforced stress points and safety seams
  • Raglan style sleeve
  • Relaxed cuffs
  • Large 3-piece hood
  • Two outer pouch pockets, one hidden on the interior
  • Double labels (care in collar, guarantee on inner left pocket)
  • 100% Made in America.
  • Backed with a 10-Year Guarantee including free mending service.
We've scoured the globe for a rare 18 oz. all-weather knit, one with a tight enough weave to last a lifetime, but where the yarns were spun in such a way that it will actually get softer over time. The fleece we chose is made of 3-end yarns, which means 3 separate yarns are spun together to create a stronger quality. Best of all: We found the last standing manufacturer of this fabric right here in America!

All stress seams are reinforced with a mock safety stitch for extreme durability. We begin by overlapping the pieces, then sewing it down on both exposed edges (first with a cover stitch, essentially a series of tiny knots that if broken along their chain maintain integrity elsewhere, then a double-needle) to make sure they're never coming undone. It's flat on the inside, and looks almost like piping on the outside. You will not find this on lesser-made garments.

Machine wash cold with like colors. Use non-chlorine bleach if needed. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Please be aware, these hoodies are very thick and are designed to be somewhere between a layering piece and outerwear—meaning they have a relaxed fit and ample space to move around inside. Looking for something snugger? We recommend going one size smaller than you might ordinarily.

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